Human Rights Instruction

Human Rights Instruction

As Dinarsu, we aim to create a work environment that respects human rights and to increase the awareness and awareness of our employees, customers and stakeholders while spreading this understanding.
Business Ethics Policy as well as our, we have been the best effort as Dinars in respect of fulfilling the requirements of the international conventions to which Turkey is a party to the United Nations Human Rights Universal Declaration of the International Labor Organization's fundamental principles and the side of our country.

This policy covers our basic principles of human rights.
Human Rights Policy;
• Dinarsu Board Members,
• Dinarsu managers and employees,
• Suppliers, companies we receive external services; and consultants, lawyers, and external auditors.



• The Board of Directors is responsible for the ratification of the Human Rights Policy and the oversight of the determination and operation of notification, review and sanction mechanisms in case of non-compliance.
• Employees; policies, regulations and procedures.
• The Human Resources Department is responsible for publishing and disseminating this Policy to all personnel within the organization.
In case of any violation, notifications are forwarded to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Specialist is responsible for managing the relevant processes and reporting them to the senior management.


• the fundamental human rights covered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Basic Business Principles and Rights Declaration of the International Labor Organization; We respect and commit to the principles of forced labor, non-use of child labor, non-discrimination, working hours and wages, collective bargaining and freedom of association.

• We take care to treat our employees equally by offering equal opportunities regardless of religion, language, race, age, color, nationality or social origin, gender.

• We do not tolerate all forms of forced labor (including working in prison, apprenticeship contract, labor versus debt, military or slave labor, and all forms of trafficking).

• We are committed to providing our employees with a safe working environment that is free from harassment, abuse, abuse or violence.

• We prohibit the use of child labor in accordance with the principle of non-child labor laid down in the Basic Labor Principles and Rights Declaration of the International Labor Organization.

• We set up preventive rules for the protection of personal information of our employees.

• Within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety, we provide legal and physical conditions and take necessary precautions and provide a healthy work environment to employees in every aspect. In order to increase employee awareness by showing the necessary importance to this issue, training and interim information are provided.

• Our workplace gives competitive wages to its employees, sector and local labor market. our practices; wages, working hours, overtime and supplementary payments are in full compliance with applicable laws and employment contracts. We offer our employees opportunities to develop their skills and capacities and provide opportunities for promotion as much as possible.

• We attach importance to the feedback and opinions of stakeholders about the policy. Policy feedbacks, potential policy violations and non-conformances are reported via